Business Continuity

You will learn which elements of your ICT infrastructure are important for the continuity of your business operations. This new knowledge enables you to stay in control of these important elements even when you have or are about to outsource the maintenance of your ICT environment. An important item, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), offers tools for your organisation to check which information is relevant and how it needs to be retained.

In this course the target is to achieve a global overview on all topics that you might encounter when considering extending your IT-infrastructure. The relation will be made between your operational requirements and the benefits SAN solutions will have for your company. On the last day cases will be used as sample SAN configurations from a multi vendor point of view.

Course content:

  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Information classification
  • Manage your data and anticipate the yearly data growth
  • Determine the form in which data must be presented / stored
  • Select the retention periods for all data types
  • What do you need to do with the information when it is no longer needed
  • What does your management need to know of IT infrastructures to be able to negotiate with HP's/IBM's/EMC's sales managers
  • Determine the cost of downtime to be able to assess how important disaster recovery procedures are for your organization