• 3 working days, including 1 day hands-on practice


  • Server Foundation
    • Server Concept
    • Server Classification
    • Server System Composition
    • Connect server to storage
    • Connect server to network
  • Introduction to Huawei servers
    • RH series servers
    • X series high density server
    • Huawei server Management software-iMana
    • Huawei server Management software-iBMC
    • Huawei server tools
  • Huawei Server Hardware Instillation and Cabling
    • Checking Before Installation
    • Server Hardware Installation
    • Server Cabling
    • Server Power-on
  • Server Configuration and Management
    • Server BIOS Configuration
    • Remote Server Management Using the BMC
    • Server RAID Planning and Basic Configuration
    • Server OS Installation
  • E9000 Blade Server Product Technology
    • Huawei E9000 Blade Server Introduction
    • Huawei E9000 Blade Server Installation
    • Huawei E9000 Blade Server Management and Configuration
    • Huawei E9000 Blade Server Stateless Computing
  • Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Servers
    • Server Fault Diagnosis Methods
    • Server Log Collection Methods
    • Troubleshooting Methods for Common Server Faults
    • Processes of Replacing Server Parts and Precautions

Training Methods

  • Lecture, Hands-on exercise