Storage Fundamentals

In this course you will learn, in more detail, about the principles (high availability and virtualizations) used in hardware such as servers; interconnect devices and storage enclosures. Discussed will be concepts such as RAID and SCSI as well as concepts such as Fibre Channel technology and topology. Design aspects will be explained which enables you to make the right choose of infrastructure (DAS; NAS; SAN; IP SAN). Multi-vendor storage equipment will be used as a practical demonstration of how storage fundamentals can be implemented.

Course content:

  • Hard disk fundamentals (IDE; SCSI; SAS; SATA)
  • SCSI principles and implementation
  • RAID technology and implementation
  • Fibre Channel principles
  • DAS - NAS - SAN concepts
  • iSCSI concepts
  • SAN switches (topology; zoning).
  • Switch basic knowledge
  • Multipathing
  • Storage and operation systems
  • Backup strategies
  • Backup technologies